How to download YouTube videos on your phone

How to download YouTube videos on your phone

How to download YouTube videos on your phone Do you want to travel offline? Do not leave behind your favourite YouTube videos. Do you want to view YouTube videos offline from your smartphone? Although there are many ways to do this, it can be difficult to find the right one. YouTube's official downloading methods can vary from one region to another, and third-party video downloading methods are constantly changing.

Here are the steps to download YouTube videos to your smartphone. Do you need to download YouTube videos from third parties? Before you go: YouTube's official apps will only allow you to download the videos that you require. Any other methods may stop working or be hijacked by people who aren't concerned about your security (or experience). Although we can confidently say you won't have any problems downloading videos from YouTube's apps, that guarantee does not apply to third-party apps or sites mentioned in this article.

However, you should expect pop-ups and NSFW ads as well as unrelated tabs to open when downloading YouTube videos from third party sites. Desktop apps like the MP3Studio Video downloader are best for downloading videos. We've already recommended them.

We'll be focusing on how to download YouTube videos from your smartphone. YouTube Premium: How do I download videos? Official YouTube video downloads are the best and most reliable.

YouTube Premium subscriptions remove ads from YouTube and allow you to download videos. These features may be valuable to you. Subscribe for $11.99 per Month You may be able to download YouTube videos from outside the United States without having to pay a premium. YouTube Premium may still be required to download certain videos. Open any YouTube video and click the Download button under the title to download it.

YouTube will ask about your download quality. Simply select the desired quality and then tap the Download button to save it for offline viewing.

By going to the Library tab within the YouTube app, and then tapping Downloads, you can quickly check the downloaded videos. How to download YouTube videos YouTube has launched an app called YouTube Go in some regions.

This app allows you to download videos. This app was created for Android phones with low connectivity and expensive cellular data plans. YouTube Go allows you to download videos directly from your Android phone's microSD cards. Google Play has the full features of YouTube Go. However, it may not work for your device or region.

How to download YouTube videos on your phone

Remember that this app is a stripped-down version of YouTube. This app may not allow you to view high-resolution videos or live videos. How to download YouTube videos using Apple Shortcuts (iPhone Only) Apple's Shortcuts App is the best Swiss Army knife for iPhone users.

Many great shortcuts have been created by iPhone automation enthusiasts. One of these is JAYD, which stands for Just Another Youtube Downloader. This shortcut will allow you to download videos. Get Shortcuts for your iPhone. You must run every shortcut once to be able third-party shortcuts (also known as community-made shortcuts).

Open the app and click on the Gallery tab if you are unsure. Scroll down until you can see other shortcuts categories like Essentials. Click on any shortcut and choose Add Shortcut. Go to the My Shortcuts tab and tap the shortcut that you have just downloaded to execute it. Once you have done this, open Settings > Shortcuts and enable Allow Untrusted shortcuts. Download JAYD now from RoutineHub. This is a third-party gallery that allows you to create shortcuts.

Open the website on your iPhone, tap Get Shortcut twice on RoutineHub, and once again on the Download page. The Shortcuts app will be opened. Scroll to the bottom and choose Add Untrusted Shortcut. To make sure it's safe, you can check the steps of the shortcut if you have the knowledge. Downloading Scriptable is the final step of the setup. This app allows you to run JavaScript on your iPhone. Once you have completed the setup, open YouTube on your iPhone. Now go to any video.

To open a list with apps you can share, click the Share button located below the video title. Scroll down and choose More. This will open the iPhone's share sheet. Scroll down to select JAYD. The next screen will ask you if you wish to download the entire video or the audio. Select Download Video. You have two options: save the video to your camera roll, or in the Files application.

Once the shortcut is completed, you can choose one to open the video offline. JAYD will ask you periodically for permission to access certain sites (to access the video), Scriptable, (to complete the download process), or your photo gallery (to preserve the video).

You can give it access to these sites as often as it asks. How to download YouTube videos using an online YouTube downloader An online video downloader is the last option for downloading YouTube videos to your smartphone. The full range of resolutions available for video download is not offered by web-based downloading. It's possible to download a low-resolution video online, but it's better than nothing. MP3Stusio was my favorite. I tried several of them. The site can be opened, copied the URL and then tapped the orange button to download the video.

There are many resolution options available to download the video from the site, but the most useful are the ones with the camera icon. To download the audio-only video, tap any blue block.